Don't miss the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America,
taking place from April 14 to 17, 2015
in Portland, OR - USA

GEA MILLSTAR™ for Revolution Brewing Company to be on display at the 2015 Craft Brewer’s Conference in Portland, OR.

Revolution Brewing Company, one of the fastest growing craft brewers in the US, has chosen GEA to satisfy their needs for brewing a vast array of phenomenal beers with the greatest of efficiency. The 10 ton/hour, fully automated, MILLSTAR™ system applies steep conditioned malt milling to optimize run-off times and increase wort extract yields.

The Chicago based brewer saw the many advantages of the GEA wet mill and will use it to supply mash for two brewhouses, running in parallel. For Revolution owner Josh Deth it’s about moving forward, “We were not able to invest a lot in milling when we first started up but now we are looking forward to higher efficiency and better control of our mash with this new GEA MILLSTAR”, stated Deth.

Visit us on our booth #725 and learn more about the MILLSTAR™ and further GEA-tive Solutions we offer for the craft brewer:

Intelligently automated, off-the-shelf brewhouse with great batch size fl exibility from 20 to 35 bbl. Available in a 2- or 3-vessel configuration.

Fully automated, modular 35 to 100 bbl brewhouse, providing highest yield and energy efficiency. Customizable to each brewer’s unique

The best of German brewing technology, engineered, manufactured and designed for sustainability, efficiency and versatility.

Looking forward to seeing you in Portland!